DateTitlePresenterVenueMore information
10 July 2014Linking agricultural research and practice ­­­­– comparing experiences from EU Framework 7 projectsDr Julie IngramRoom TC118Julie will compare approaches being used to in two multi-disciplinary projects which are aiming to ‘translate’ research into practice in the context of sustainable agriculture. Both projects are engaging stakeholder in case studies across Europe and are framed by academic concepts of co-production of knowledge and co-innovation. SmartSOIL is developing support tools for managing soil carbon management and VALERIE aims to boost innovation in agriculture and forestry by facilitating the uptake of formal and empirical knowledge.
21 November 2013
PhD and Video Methodology
Gillian Cope, CCRIRoom TC017
28 November 2013Gardening cyberspace – ‘Social MediaDr Matt Reed, CCRIRoom TC017
19 December 2013Proving Our ValueDr Paul Courtney and Dr Carol Kambites, CCRIRoom TC017
16 January 2014Innovating from the pastProfessor Nigel Curry, CCRIRoom TC017
23 January 2014Sabrina Dreaming (Severn Estuary Tidelands): Initiating a Leverhulme Trust artist residency at CCRI, creatively exploring coastal environmental changeAnthony Lyons, CCRIRoom OX LC203B Anthony Lyons is CCRI’s ‘Artist in Residence’ who is supported by a Leverhulme Artist in Residence grant.
6 February 2014CCRI: Social Media. A ‘how-to’ guide’Nick Lewis, CCRIRoom TC118
13 February 2014Delphi MethodsDr James Kirwan, CCRIRoom TC018
27 February 2014GIS and Qualitative methodsDr Robert Berry, CCRIRoom TC018,
20 March 2014Healthy Town’, healthier people? An investigation into changes in knowledge, attitudes and behaviour in healthy living in a ‘Healthy Town’ intervention in EnglandProfessor Diane Crone, University of GloucestershireRoom TC016 This presentation looks at the Tewkesbury healthy town intervention project, one of 9 towns that took part in a £30m national healthy town programme in England. The programme involves three lifestyle areas including food consumption, physical activity behaviour and transport choices. The presentation will explore the complexities of adopting a mixed method evaluation method to a complex community intervention aimed at improving the lives of people living and working in over 8000 homes and businesses in a small Gloucestershire market town.
27 March 2014Ecosystem services and Social Science MethodsChris Short, CCRIRoom TC016 - note time change: 11:45am – 12:45pm
3 June 2014Agriculture and water quality in the Midwestern US: An exploration of social issuesProfessor Linda Prokopy, Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana, USA)Room TC018, note time 11.00am to 1pm
19 June 2014Examining innovation processes from the bottom up: applying the transitions approach to an agricultural contextDr Damian Maye, CCRIRoom TC018The presentation will make some general remarks about innovation and transition, before reviewing key ideas from transition studies, drawing attention to niche innovations and processes. These are then applied to an agricultural context via an examination of the evolution of the permaculture community in England.