BA (History with Education studies) MRes (Economic and Social History) 



Adam is a social science researcher with interests in the dynamic relationship between users of the marine environment and relevant policy frameworks. His PhD research is focused on recreational sea angling, in context of its likely inclusion in future fishery policy in the UK.

Currently in his first year of study, his research is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and the Centre for Environment, Fisheries Aquaculture Science (CEFAS). The supervisory team includes: Dr Julie Urquhart (Associate Professor, CCRI); Dr Hannah Chiswell (Research Fellow, CCRI), and Dr Kieran Hyder (Principal Scientist, CEFAS). His research broadly aims to understand heterogeneity and spatial differences in the motivations, attitudes and behaviours of recreational sea anglers in England and Wales to inform the sustainable management of fisheries. Adam is currently designing the research tools for this project, and intends to combine quantitative and qualitative methods within a multi-theoretical framework. Data collection will begin in spring 2021.

Before joining the CCRI, Adam led part of the Green Minds projects at the University of Plymouth, focusing on measuring the impact of green and blue space on health and wellbeing. Prior to this, Adam was a Research Development Manager at the University of Exeter, where he coordinated the Institution’s applications to the ESRC. For three years leading to this, Adam was Manager of the Pedagogic Research Institute and Observatory (University of Plymouth) where he developed the research infrastructure and had notable grant success to, for example, the Higher Education Academy. Adam developed his bid writing skills as a Research Manager at SERIO (University of Plymouth), where he secured a number of research grants from organisations across the public, private and voluntary sectors. Prior to this, Adam spent 8 years as socio-economic researcher at the University of Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall Police and Plymouth City Council, where he led and delivered and a range of research projects including evaluations economic impact assessments. Adam is currently developing his academic network in the area of marine social science.

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