BA, MA (Landscape and Culture), PhD (Cultural Geography)

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Alice joined the CCRI in November 2020. Her research interests cover the health and wellbeing benefits of trees, woods and forests, along with arts-based and more-than-human research approaches. Exploring and writing about the impacts of spending time in Treescapes for over 10 years, she previously co-ordinated the Good from Woods partnership research project. She has worked with a wide range of organisations to evaluate the impacts and outcomes of their work in green environments, with a focus on co-design of interdisciplinary and creative research designs for exploring these. Working at the Countryside and Community Research Institute since November 2020, Alice has been able to mirror these interests as the Programme Manager of the Future of the UK Treescapes, a £14.5 million research programme. Its aim is to improve the environmental, socio-economic, and cultural understanding of the functions and services provided by UK treescapes to inform decision-making on their expansion for the benefit of environment and society. She is also working on AHRC funded ‘Changing Treescapes’. This seeks to develop and pilot a new Socially Engaged Arts method to extend the results of social science research from a previous UKRI project, UNPICK (Understanding public risk in relation to tree health)1, by taking it to new audiences, including multicultural groups.   


Recent Publications  

Journal Articles 

Goodenough, A., Waite, S. & Wright, N. (2020) ‘Place as partner: material and affective intra-play between young people and trees’Children’s Geographies.

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The Silvanus Trust (2013) ‘Characterising community groups engaged in the Big Tree Plant and identifying the benefits and challenges of involvement for participants’ on behalf of DEFRA


Books and book chapters 

Goodenough, A. & Waite, S. (2020) ‘Wellbeing from Woodland - A Critical Exploration of Links Between Trees and Human Health’. Palgrave Macmillan.