Ian-Condliffe 96x72Ian Condliffe
Independent Consultant



Nigel Curry
Founding Professor
Email: nrcurry@hotmail.com


Ilbery_Brian 72x96Brian Ilbery 
Emeritus Professor at University of Gloucestershire
Email: bilbery@glos.ac.uk


Val-Kirby 72x96Val Kirby 
Landscape Planner and Heritage Adviser
Email: valgkirby@gmail.com


Jeremy Lake, Associate at the CCRIJeremy Lake
Email: jeremy.lake44@googlemail.com


Jane-Ricketts-Hein 96x72Jane Ricketts Hein
Independent rural researcher, Cynidr Consulting
Email: jrickettshein@gmail.com


Rosie-Simpson-96x72Rosie Simpson 
Director, European Environmental Policy & Training



Julie Smith 100x75Julie Smith
Email: juliesmith.juke@gmail.com



James-Taylor 96x72James Taylor
Email: james@broughtongrounds.co.uk



VW 16.06.14 (1)Virginia Williamson
Email: vjwilliamson.1@gmail.com