Big Cat Blog – The Devon Beast

Readers of this blog will know that we have a keen interest in ‘Big Cats’ and their (alleged) presence in our countryside. To add a little fuel to the fire of this debate, researchers have found a stuffed Big Cat in the Bristol Museum. It turns out that this cat is of Canadian origin and was probably an exhibit or pet, before escaping and going on to be the ‘Beast of Devon’ – before being shot that is. There are a number of media reports on this development, and no doubt it will help keep the debate going as to our current

Policy Conference – Introduction to Environmental Policy and Integrated Delivery

Policy Conference 2012 – Chris Short gives an introduction to ‘Environmental Policy and Integrated Delivery: Opportunities and Barriers’ that he and Jenny Phelps from Gloucestershire FWAG will be presenting on 27/09/2012 at Gloucester Rugby Club’s Kingholm stadium conference centre. For more details on the conference see: