BSc (Fundamental and Applied Chemistry)
MSc (RES) (Sociology and Social Science)
MSc (RES) (Applied Sustainable Development)
PhD (Developing a context based framework for understanding interpersonal resilience)
Tel: +44 (0) 1242 714080

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Dilshaad's passion for learning and understanding the world has led her from Mauritius to pursue studies and research in a range of disciplines from Fundamental and Environmental Chemistry to Ecological Economics, Political and Social Sciences across the continents. As a pragmatist, she is keen to develop socially-sensitive tools for dealing with contentious sustainability issues.

Dilshaad’s doctoral research looked at the socio-cognitive dynamics involved when relationships, intercultural or not and existing in a complex society characterised by protracted socio-political conflict, are under tension. Her focus has been on developing a theoretical framework to analyse interpersonal resilience in order to build more mutually beneficial social relationships.

Dilshaad has nurtured her transdisciplinary expertise of the sustainability-resilience nexus over the years working in different research themes and geographies with multiple international partners. While undertaking her PhD, she worked as a research assistant in the CCRI on EU-funded research projects in sustainability and globalisation effects in the food industry. In 2020, she completed a two-year postdoctoral research in a UK-India project on sanitation and water access funded by ESRC UK. Now as Research Fellow she is partnering with French researchers to work on tools of ecosystemic accountabilities and ecological accounting systems.

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