Jane Mills and Pete Gaskell contributed to a new Defra report led by ADAS that looked at the impact of the proposed Pillar 1 CAP reforms on farmers’ behaviour.    A stakeholder workshop identified the three greening measures (crop diversification; Ecological Focus Areas (EFAs) and permanent pasture), the active farmer test and changes to the overall size of the Pillar 1 budget as aspects of proposed reforms that were most likely to have an impact on the farming industry.  A number of focus groups and telephone interviews with farmers and their agents or advisers were then conducted to generate insights into the possible impact of the new measures.

Jane Mills commented that “the research findings indicated that there might be some tactical changes in farmers’ behaviours to mitigate the effect of the CAP reforms.  Some of these change might be benign, for example the use of annual land swaps to maintain productive land in cropping.  However, other impacts might be more significant in both socio-economic terms, particularly for small businesses and those with marginal viability and in environmental terms”.

The final report can be accessed via the Defra website

More details about the CAP reforms are contained with the Defra Consultation document Defra Consultation documents

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