The CCRI is guided by an Advisory Board.

As an active and externally-focused Institute, the CCRI’s staff recognise the importance of ensuring that its work is both relevant and forward-looking, as well as being widely disseminated among research and practitioner communities. As such, we believe it is essential for CCRI to have an Advisory Board to help guide and inform our future strategy, as well as to support our effective operation. The Board has a membership which combines our formal HEI strategic leadership with the insights of other key collaborative partners in HEI, as well as a range of respected and authoritative figures from contrasting but relevant rural ‘communities of practice’.  The Board thereby helps to ensure that CCRI’s work continues to be relevant, is recognised and adding maximum value to the identification, analysis and resolution of rural issues in policy and practice; and that the CCRI is institutionally resilient.

Current members of the Board are:

Professor Colin Dennis
Joanna Price
Richard Wakeford
Russell Marchant
Terry Marsden
Richard O’Doherty
Judy Ling Wong
Joy Carey