CCRI researchers Julie Ingram and Caitlin Hafferty presented a paper at The European Seminar on Extension and Education (ESEE) hosted by Teagasc at Ballyhaise Agricultural College, Cavan, Ireland. The event which took place from 21st – 23rd June, had four main themes with a session being devoted to each one:

  • Digital Delivery of Advice and Education: What have we learned from the disrupted norm?
  • The Evolving Roles of Advisors and Educators in Supporting Learning
  • Lifelong Learning: Encouraging and facilitating continuous learning and development by rural individuals, households and communities
  • Evaluation and impact assessment of agriculture education and innovation support models 

Their paper, entitled ‘What do responses to Covid-19 tell us about the adaptive capacity of the AKIS in UK?‘ was presented in the session ‘Digital Delivery of Advice and Education: What have we learned from the disrupted norm’?

The paper presented results from a recent appraisal of knowledge exchange activities carried out as part of the farm PEP project  in which a range of farmers and other stakeholders (advice providers, knowledge exchange organisations, agri-tech businesses, intermediaries, policy makers) were consulted about their experiences during Covid-19 restrictions.  The study found a high level of adaptability across the Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation System but also some challenges.  For more information please read our earlier news item which contains links to the summary reports.

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