Today marks the last day of the Cheltenham Festival – with the highlight being the Gold Cup race this afternoon. It is a huge event for the regency town, with hundreds of thousands of people descending on the town during the week, either into the town itself or Prestbury Park, the racecourse, just a mile from the town centre. Whatever your opinion on horse racing and the event, it is something that is of importance to the town with regard to revenue it generates for the area. However, many people may not realise that it is possible to watch the races for free, simply by walking along the public footpath that goes around the perimeter of the racecourse. Simply by taking a stroll to the village of Prestbury, you can stand right next to the racecourse, and watch horses as they gallop past – within just a few metres. You may not quite have the same experience as the other race-goers in the venue itself, but the thunder of the hoofs and the distant roar of the crowd is spectacular, and indeed this is what John Powell did yesterday – catching the last race of the day, as he and his wife took their dog Sally for a walk.


It is also then possible to either toast or commiserate any bets you may have had on in one of the three pubs in the small village. Whether John did this, we don’t know just yet, but he did provide a few photographs of the Kim Muir Challenge Cup, although the fading light meant capturing sharp images a little tricky.

Today, CCRI’s Damian Maye has taken the day off from work as he is going to the last and biggest day at the festival – good luck from all in CCRI!


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