BSc Biological Sciences (Zoology), currently finishing PhD in Sociology at University of Exeter

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Charlotte ChiversCharlotte joined the CCRI in September 2020. She began her career as a Biologist, working for 18 months in the veterinary parasitology laboratories at the University of Bristol. She also spent a year working for an online research company where she received extensive training into how to conduct online survey questionnaires.

In 2017, she moved into the social sciences by embarking on a PhD at the University of Exeter within the Centre for Rural Policy Research. Her PhD research has explored the efficacy of and ways of improving farm advice surrounding diffuse water pollution from agriculture. She has, during this period, also worked as a research assistant on the LANDWISE project, as an Associate Lecturer in researcher development, and as a Consultant for a DEFRA project on future knowledge exchange. She has also worked on an NFU project exploring farmers’ requirements of ELMs policy.

She is interested in soil health, water quality, farm advice, agricultural policy, and ways of protecting and enhancing the environment whilst securing a resilient food system. Her interests outside of academia include volunteering at her local community farm, eating out in Bristol, cooking, and hiking in the British countryside.

Charlotte is currently working on the SPRINT and SoilCare projects. Her research interests are soil health, water quality, sustainable agriculture, environmental, mixed methods research and online survey questionnaires. Her research skills include mixed methods research, qualitative and quantitative analysis, SPSS, NVivo, ArcGIS, interviewing and research dissemination.

Recent Publications

Collins, A.L., Blackwell, M., Boeckx, P. et al. Sediment source fingerprinting: benchmarking recent outputs, remaining challenges and emerging themes. J Soils Sediments 20, 4160–4193 (2020).

Rose, D.C., Wheeler R, Winter M, Lobely M, Chivers C-A. Agriculture 4.0: Making it work for people, production, and the planet. Land Use Policy 100 (2021).

Parravani A, Chivers C-A., Bell N, Long S, Burden F, Wall R. Seasonal abundance of the stable fly Stomoxys calcitrans in southwest England. Med Vet Entomol. 2019 Dec;33(4):485-490.

Chivers C-A, Rose Vineer H, Wall R. The prevalence and distribution of sheep scab in Wales: a farmer questionnaire survey. Med Vet Entomol. 2018 Jun;32(2):244-250.

Chivers, C-A, Winter, M., & Collins, A.L. (2020) Evaluating the new farming rules for water. Report to the Environment Agency. 

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Chivers, C-A. (2018) Farmers versus vegans: Healthy debate or all-out war? Farmers Guardian. [Online]:

Associate Lecturer in Researcher Development, University of Exeter, June 2020-September 2020

A level biology/geography tutor - Tutor Doctor (2014-2019)