BSc Biological Sciences (Zoology), PhD (Sociology) University of Exeter

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Charlotte Chivers


Charlotte joined the CCRI in September 2020. She began her career as a Biologist, working for 18 months in the veterinary parasitology laboratories at the University of Bristol. She also spent a year working for an online research company where she received extensive training into how to conduct online survey questionnaires. In 2017, she moved into the social sciences by embarking on a PhD at the University of Exeter within the Centre for Rural Policy Research. Her PhD research has explored the efficacy of and ways of improving farm advice surrounding diffuse water pollution from agriculture. She has, during this period, also worked as a research assistant on the LANDWISE project, as an Associate Lecturer in researcher development, and as a Consultant for a DEFRA project on future knowledge exchange. She has also worked on an NFU project exploring farmers’ requirements of ELMs policy.

Charlotte currently works on the EU-funded SPRINT and SoilCare projects and the NERC-funded LANDWISE project. From September 2021, she will also be involved in an EU-funded project, MINAGRIS, which will explore the impacts of microplastics on soil health. 
She has recently been involved in an ELM Test and Trial, an AHDB project which explored which behavioural interventions encourage on-farm practice change, and an Agricology project which investigated the potential of videos and podcasts for delivering farm advice. 
Her research interests include soil health, water quality, sustainable agriculture, and environmental science. Her research skills include mixed methods research, qualitative and quantitative analysis, SPSS, NVivo, ArcGIS, interviewing, conducting online survey questionnaires, and disseminating research findings. 

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