BSc (Hons) (Rural Resource Management), PhD (Economic Geography), APM PFQ

Telephone: +44 (0) 1242 714132






Paul’s research interests are concerned with understanding the nuances of socio-economic impact and development as they interact with people, places and policy. Paul utilises a range of approaches found at the intersection of Economics, Sociology and Psychology, including: socio-economic impact analysis, local economic modelling action research, social indicator development and social cost-benefit analysis. Paul is currently applying Social Return on Investment (SROI) to impact measurement in the fields of community health, employment inclusivity and farmer wellbeing; and amongst others is a contributor to the AHRC Treescapes and Defra Local Perspectives projects. Paul is a Wellbeing Facilitator for the University, and was the UoA Coordinator for the CCRI’s REF submissions of 2014 and 2021. He joined the CCRI in 2002 and was awarded the title of Professor in 2013.


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