In April 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded in the UK, there was extensive coverage of food shortages in shops and problems in supply chains that would ordinarily keep the supermarket shelves full. CCRI’s Professor of Agri-Food Studies, Damian Maye was all too aware what was happening so he began collating media items in a range of forms (newspaper articles, research papers, blogs, etc.) relating to food systems and how they were being impacted.

Over the last 12 months, this has grown into an extensive collection of around 1500 items (at the time of writing) which has now developed into an interactive and searchable database, accessible by all. The database will continue to be updated thus enabling the tracking of food system impacts and our collective responses during these times.

Access the CCRI COVID-19 and Food Systems interactive database.

Empty supermarket shelves during the early stages of lockdown

All of the documents are categorised, meaning that the database can be filtered in terms of keywords, themes, dates and article type to help users navigate and pinpoint more specific topics. In addition, all the data found on the database can be downloaded as a CSV file. Damian adds, “I hope that you will find this resource both interesting and useful, and welcome additional contributions to the resource list and our blog posts on this topic, so please do get in touch.

If material from the database is used for teaching and/or publications please in the first instance email Professor Damian Maye ( to inform us of your intention and acknowledge and credit that you have made use of the ‘CCRI COVID-19 and Food Systems’ learning resource in any presentation or publication.   

A range of blog posts have been written by both CCRI and guest authors. These can be found on the CCRI Blog page.