The CCRI regularly contributes to European project partnerships in respect of agri-rural policy evaluation studies, and in the early part of 2010 Jane Mills and Janet Dwyer contributed to an EU funded evaluation of the impact of partial and full decoupling of CAP pillar 1 support in the EU Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) Programming and Project Preparation Facility led by COGEA, an Italian company. Interviews were undertaken with national authorities and producer and meat processor unions to identify the impact of full decoupling of CAP on the agricultural sector, the livestock supply chain and meat processing industries in the UK.

The report concluded that CAP reform had not greatly affected the main farming sectors in the UK, although it may have reduced some production levels in the beef and sheep sectors. It also found that the supply chain integration in the UK, which is relatively weakly integrated, had not been affected by recent reforms