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Janet joined the CCRI in 2002 after working for more than a decade in a government agency and an independent policy think-tank. She was awarded the title of Professor of Rural Policy in 2010 and became Director of the CCRI in 2013.

Janet directs and undertakes research related to agriculture, the environment and rural development. Her research expertise centres on European and UK rural development policy and practice, with particular interest in integrated approaches, environmental sustainability and institutional adaptation. Janet is well-known in policymaking circles in the UK and EU, has skills in facilitation and consensus-building, and is a regular speaker at international conferences.

She is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a founder and steering group member of the Uplands Alliance, and an active member of the UK Agricultural Economics Society. Recent projects include a farm survey of Exmoor; PEGASUS - a major, EU-28 study on public goods and ecosystem services from farming and forestry; supporting the government of Malta to review its agriculture policy and prepare its RDP for 2014-2020; and a pan-EU study on Rural Development impacts (RuDI).

In 2017, Janet was elected an Associate of the Royal Agricultural Societies of the UK, and also the French Academie d’Agriculture.

Recent Publications

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Member of the Defra Sustainable Intensification Platform (SIP) Committee

Member, LEAF-LNFYS Steering Group

Member of the National Trust's Land Use and Access Panel of expert advisers, 2006-

Currently expert adviser to the EU Court of Auditors' evaluation of Agri-Environmental Policies in the EU.

Currently expert adviser to the European Environment Agency in its work on CAP funding and the environment.

UK Agricultural Economics Society, 1986 - 2005, and 2009 ongoing. (Executive Committee Member, 2004-8).

Member of the panel of reviewers for the Teagasc Rural Economy Research Series, Republic of Ireland

(2015) Evidence to the Environment and Sustainability Committee of the National Assembly for Wales, for the Environment (Wales) Bill. (July) with Berry, R.  Senedd tv video
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(2008) Response to the Defra informal consultation on the proposed new Upland Entry Level Scheme (UELS), September. With Short, C. and Mills, J.
(2008) Response to the RELU paper on Land Use challenges. With Ingram, J.
(2007) Member of a 6-person ‘jury’ to examine a PhD thesis at the University of Bourgogne, Dijon, on the subject of the role of the regions in redefining agricultural policy.
2004-2007 External examiner, University of Aberdeen (Land Economy/Human Geography Masters programmes).