stone wall mason 392x272The CCRI is working with ADAS (lead partner) and Fera on this project, as part of a team which has extensive experience of RDP evaluation, key expertise in quantitative and qualitative research methods and in-depth knowledge of the agricultural sector, agri-environment schemes and rural economic development. The research was commissioned by Defra and commenced in February 2016.

The Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) helps contribute to the delivery of Defra’s objectives of a cleaner, healthier environment, a world leading food and farming industry, a thriving rural economy and a nation protected against natural threats and hazards. The purpose of the Ex-Post Evaluation of the RDPE 2007-20131 is primarily to help provide important lessons of what works in supporting delivery, improving value for money and implementation of the current 2014-2020 RDPE.

Janet Dwyer, John Powell and Katarina Kubinakova are all working on this project.

The evaluation will assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the programme, assess the balance of measures within the programme, comment on the extent to which the programme as a whole met its objectives and identify success and failure factors and good practice. Finally, it will provide solid conclusions and recommendations to improve the quality and the implementation of future programmes. The final project report is due to be completed by the end of October 2016.

Janet previously worked with some of this research team to deliver a successful Ex Post Evaluation of the ERDP 2000-2006 .