MSc by research (Landscape architecture), PhD (Landscape architecture)


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Fahimeh has a thorough working knowledge of social science research methodologies in both qualitative and quantitative approaches. She has extensive experience of conducting systematic literature reviews on the impact of greenery and psychological health and well-being; designing qualitative and quantitative surveys, interviewing and coding in NVivo and thematic analysis; conducting statistical analysis in SPSS and developing advanced multivariate structural modelling in Partial Least Squares-Structural Equation Modelling (PLS-SEM).

In her PhD, using PLS-SEM, she developed a quantitative multivariate model of psychological restoration experience in green environments for promotion of university students’ mental health in the context of university campus. Through this model, Fahimeh tested and suggested the mediation and moderation effect variables as well as perceptual and restorativeness characteristics in investigation of mental health promotion effect of green environments.

She is currently working on the Going the Extra Mile (GEM) project and two Natural England Framework projects in CCRI.


Recent Publications 

Malekinezhad, F., Courtney, P. R., Bin Lamit, H., & Vigani, M. (2020). Investigating the Mental Health Impacts of University Campus Green Space through Perceived Sensory Dimensions and the Mediation Effects of Perceived Restorativeness on Restoration Experience. Frontiers in Public Health, 8, 874.

Fahimeh Malekinezhad, Hasanuddin bin Lamit, Restoration Experience Measurement Methods in Contact with Green Open Spaces (2018), preprints

Fahimeh Malekinezhad and Hasanuddin bin Lamit (2017), Psychological Restoration Experience through the Impact of Green Environments : The Effects of Perception of Stress and Stressors. Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences (JBES), 11 (4) p.65-73

Fahimeh Malekinezhad, Hassan Chizari, Hasanuddin bin Lamit, and Muhamad Solehin Fitry bin Rosley (2013) A Comparative Study on Designers and Non-Designers Emotion of Urban Sculptures Using Affect Grid, Life Science Journal, 10(3)

Hamed Najafpour, Hasanuddin Bin Lamit, Mohsen Roshan, Fahimeh Malekinezhad, Amir Ghahramanpouri, MSFB Rosley (2013) Finding Ways in an Unfamiliar Tourist Destination: Salient Clues for Visitors to a Malaysian Town, Life Science Journal, 10(4)


Fahimeh Malekinezhad and Hasanuddin bin Lamit, Preference and Perception of Familiar Urban Sculptures in Designer and Non-designer Groups, International Graduate Conference on Engineering, Science and Humanities (IGCESH), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Johor Bahru, Malaysia, April 16-17, 2013

Fahimeh Malekinezhad, Hassan chizari and Hasanuddin bin Lamit, Physical, Symbolism and Cognitive Ratings of Familiar and Unfamiliar Urban Sculptures : A Comparative Study of Designers and Non-Designers Preferences, Asia Future Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, March 8-10, 2013

Fahimeh Malekinezhad, Hasanuddin bin Lamit and Mehdi Torabi, Influence of Familiarity on Designers and Non-designers in Rating of Urban Sculptures, South-East Asian Technical University Consortium (SEATUC) Symposium, KMUTT, Thailand, March 6-7, 2012

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