BA (Hons) (International Relations and Politics), MSc (Conflict Resolution)


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Fred joined the CCRI in December 2020. Having finished his MSc from the University of Amsterdam in 2014, he has held numerous research positions in Universities and NGOs. These include researching health inequalities for people with learning disabilities, workers’ rights within global food supply chains, LGBTQ+ and Child Rights in UK Overseas Territories, and the integration of refugees and asylum seekers with local communities. What ties these diverse topics together is a passion to investigate and tackle inequalities and vulnerabilities.

Fred’s research interests lay in the role rural communities can play in integrating migrants and the sustainable agricultural practices in the production of mezcal in Mexico.

Fred is primarily working on the DEFRA project: Rural England: Local Perspectives on Community and Economy as well as the evaluation of LEADER's contribution to Balanced Territorial Development.
Recent Publications
Journal Articles 

Dunwoodie Stirton, F. and Heslop, P., (2018) Medical certificates of cause of death for people with intellectual disabilities: a systematic literature review. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 31(5), pp.659-668.

Heslop, P., Read, S. and Dunwoodie Stirton, F., (2018) The hospital provision of reasonable adjustments for people with learning disabilities: findings from freedom of information requests. British Journal of Learning Disabilities, 46(4), pp.258-267.

Clegg, P., Dunwoodie Stirton, F., & Cole, P., (2016) ‘Human rights in the overseas territories: in policy but not in practice?’. Commonwealth and Comparative Politics, 54, pp. 46-68