Common land in England

The CCRI is involved in a project, FUTGRAZE, which is being led by Bjørn Egil Flo, Senior Scientist in the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO). It is funded by the Norwegian government.

FUTGRAZE is a 3 year project that will investigate how the local common land associations are adapting to environmental, political and economic changes and why it seems that some are more able to adapt and avoid conflict than others. The CCRI will be working with the project team and discussing how similar issues are dealt with in England and Wales. The plan is for a group of Norwegian researchers and stakeholders to visit the UK in May 2019. The key staff within the CCRI will be Chris Short and John Powell, current President of the IASC.

The project will identify "best practice" and outline good ways to manage, manage and operate our pasture areas, and propose concrete arrangements for handling various interest misconceptions.