In January 2020 the CCRI were invited to join GOVOUT (Governing transitions in the Norwegian outfields: Between agrarian traditions, modern consumption and green industrialisation). The project is led by Dr Eirik Fuglestad from Ruralis – Institute for Rural and Regional Research and funded by the Research Council of Norway.

GOVOUT will study key transition processes in Norwegian outfields, which make up about over 90% of the land area by examining situations of intensified pressure on natural as well as cultural resources.  The aim is to address questions on the sustainable use and protection of outfields through ‘new knowledge’ and ‘solutions’. The focus is on land based environments, and management of natural resources and cultural environments, while also addressing landscape and land use changes, societal changes and drivers, and management and governance.  This will be undertaken using an interdisciplinary socio-ecological perspective.

The project will examine:

  • Challenges and experiences regarding the cumulative effects on common land and the best practices to manage these challenges.
  • Different levels of trust towards various government bodies influencing common land management, and the related legitimacy among local communities.
  • Best practices in terms of planning and governing outfield areas where conflicting interests are present and active.

The key staff within the CCRI will be Chris Short , Chair of the Foundation for Common Land and Dr John Powell, a former President of the IASC. Chris and John will be contributing knowledge from the commons in England and Wales and the approaches taken to tackle these pressures.  They will participate in workshops and help design the overall approach to the project.  The project will conclude in December 2023.