The CCRI secured a research grant of £6,700 from Natural England to work with Gloucestershire Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) in identifying the principles that underpin an integrated local delivery (ILD) model. The final report ‘Inspiring and Enabling Local Communities: An integrated delivery model for Localism and the Environment’ evaluates the ILD model developed by FWAG over a number of years and originated as part of a Heritage Lottery Funded Landscape Partnership project in the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Natural England, a key partner with FWAG in these initiatives, is interested in encouraging the delivery of environmental land management at a landscape scale to alleviate fragmentation of biodiversity and provide a mosaic for climate change adaptation. Furthermore, Natural England see the development of locally based integrated land management arrangements as crucial to the delivery of a number of nature conservation policies, alongside other environmental targets.

The project has identified and evaluated those principles within the ILD model which inspire and enable local communities to deliver national environmental targets by reviewing the ILD model and conducting a series of interviews with members of a local management group, including statutory agencies and members of the local community. The final report suggests the most effective aspects are transferable to other areas and projects. Furthermore the report identifies and outlines a series of next steps to develop the concept of ILD further. The project, led by Chris Short, has reported back to Natural England and FWAG, as well as Defra, including a meeting with Jim Paice, Minister of State for Agriculture and Food, and this has led to considerable interest from those working in this area. The final report was published at the end of January 2011. Download Final Report Download