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Amr joined the CCRI in January 2019.

Amr works for the The National Innovation Centre for Rural Enterprise (NICRE) and his role includes supporting the conduct and analysis of a comprehensive regional survey of rural enterprises, which will be used alongside existing data sources to provide evidence-based support. Amr is also supporting place-based innovative demonstration projects which target locally defined rural socio-economic challenges. Amr’s background is in financial economics, where he worked on the political economy of finance, financial regulations, cooperative economics, and the effect of the financial sector on income and wealth distribution, with experience in developing macroeconomic models and econometric analysis. His current main research interests include rural finance and agricultural productivity, financial markets and distribution, income inequality, and the political economy of the Middle East.


Amr previously worked in microfinance in Egypt and India, where he was involved in designing and evaluating rural finance projects, and worked with a range of stakeholders, including farmers and rural households, government representatives/ministry officials, as well as central bank of Egypt and financial institutions.

His research topics include: External finance and rural enterprises, rural innovation, short food supply chain innovation, rural enterprise hubs, and natural capital.


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