BA (Hons) (Environmental Policy); PG Cert (Integrated Waste and Environmental Management)

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Nick joined the CCRI in 2002 after having completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Gloucestershire. He went on to complete a post-graduate certificate whilst working as a research assistant.

Routinely involved in a range of projects, Nick has become a key member of the team with expertise in numerous areas that he has developed though support provided to the numerous activities that the CCRI undertakes. Survey and questionnaire development is one area of specialism, with a particular focus concerning online deployment wherever feasible. Nick is also one of CCRI’s most experienced interviewers, having conducted hundreds of face-to-face and telephone interviews – often concerning topical or sensitive issues. He is also regularly responsible for data collation, management and analysis associated with these interviews.

Nick manages and operates the various Social Media platforms of the CCRI, which has become an increasingly important component of the institute’s activities and one that is increasingly required in large scale multi-institution research projects.

Recent Publications

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