BSc Hons (Geography), MSc (Rural Change), PhD (Geography)

Tel +44 (0) 1242 714133





Damian is a rural and food geographer with research interests in various aspects of agri-food restructuring, and has worked at the CCRI since 2007. Damian is working across three research areas at present. First, he has a long-term research interest in alternative and local food networks. Second, he is working on projects related to animal and plant disease management. Lastly, he is interested in debates about food security and food systems, including impacts and responses linked to Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Damian is currently working on the following research projects:

(2020-2021) COVID-19: The local as a site of food security resilience in the times of pandemic: opportunities, challenges and ways forward. UKRI ESRC funded.

(2017-2021) EU Horizon 2020 funded ROBUST ((Rural-Urban Outlooks: Unlocking Synergies)

(2017-2021) EU Horizon 2020 funded SURE-FARM (Towards SUstainable and REsilient EU FARMing systems).

Damian is Associate Editor of the Journal of Rural Studies. He co-authored a new book called ‘Geographies of Food’ in 2021 for Bloomsbury and has recently started work on a new book project, co-editing ‘The Encyclopaedia of Food in Society’ for Elgar. He also curates the CCRI’s ‘COVID-19 Food Systems’ learning resource.

Damian was awarded the title of 'Professor of Agri-Food Studies' in August 2018.

View Damian’s publications on the University of Gloucestershire's Research Repository