Since joining CCRI in 2007, Damian has worked relentlessly on a great range of research projects that have been both UK and EU focussed. During this time he has published extensively and his work is well-known in academic and policy circles; consequently he was awarded the title of ‘Professor of Agri-Food Studies’ in August 2018. As is the custom with such achievements, Damian was invited to give his inaugural lecture, which took place at the University of Gloucestershire in May 2019.

Regarding the lecture, Damian said “we are ‘living with’ significant food and farming-related ‘environmental troubles’. The scientific evidence warns us that if current trends are left unchecked these troubles will take us beyond so-called ‘planetary boundaries’. One of the ways that this is occurring is due to our methods of food production, consumption and waste. Over recent years, the impacts associated with these issues have been gaining attention and increased media and public awareness. There are also new approaches emerging that seek to address this unsustainable behaviour, such as switching to a plant-based diet, technological solutions such as ‘cultured meats’ and ‘alternative proteins’ and local and agro-ecological production methods. In my lecture I outlined the nature of the food system-related troubles that we are currently living with and the key approaches emerging.”

Damian continued by saying that “it was a fantastic evening speaking to so many people, on a topic that both I, and others, feel passionately about. Being able to meet up with other academics with whom I have worked such as Brian [Ilbery] in the past was particularly enjoyable, as well as discussing future directions with others who are working in similar areas.”

Damian’s extensive library of academic output can be accessed via the University of Gloucestershire’s repository and you can also follow him on Twitter.

Watch Damian’s lecture below, and access his slides via the CCRI Slideshare page.


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