The CCRI published a FREE eBook, ‘Commons – Governance of shared assets’, to celebrate the launch of a new website in March 2016.

‘Commons – Governance of shared assets’ presents a variety of short articles relating to commons and common pool resources. The articles present thoughts and perceptions on management of commons and how, based around the principles of Nobel prize winner Elinor Ostrom, future management may need to adapt to accommodate societal change.

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The book was primarily written by Dr John Powell, with contributions by Chris Short, Dr Matt Reed and other CCRI staff. It covers a range of topics such as climate change and fisheries, as well as less traditional ‘commons’ such as the urban environment.

Kate Ashbrook from the Open Spaces Society, a keen campaigner regarding commons and access rights, has provided a foreword for the book. Kate has received the prestigious ‘Elinor Ostrom’ award from the IASC and has worked closely with John Powell on developing a new online course on ‘Defending the commons’ which forms part of the ‘Commons: management and governance’ suite of courses.

John Powell is president-elect of the International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC), an organisation formed in 1989 with the aim of bringing together multi-disciplinary researchers, practitioners and policymakers for the purpose of improving governance and management, advancing understanding, and creating sustainable solutions for commons and other shared resources.