Professor Paul Courtney
Professor Paul Courtney

Paul Courtney is running a workshop at Hulme Community Garden Centre (HCGC) this afternoon in Manchester, where he will also be presenting the final report for a project which was funded by the Tudor Trust.

The project is called ‘Development of a Monitoring and Evaluation framework and a Forecast SROI for Hulme Community Garden Centre and to support the Growing Health network’. It involved developing a monitoring and evaluation framework for the HCGC that invoked development of a theory of Change and forecasts Social return on investment (SROI), as well as a bespoke tool for measuring outcome change that it is hoped to roll out across the Growing Health network.

The overarching aim of the project was therefore three-fold: to help HCGC understand their impact and to articulate the value of this impact through a Social Return on Investment (SROI); to develop a monitoring and evaluation framework to include an outcomes tool that would enable HCGC to track its impact on an ongoing basis; and to provide both HCGC and the Growing Health network with an adaptable and replicable tool for assessing the impact of similar organisations or projects.

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