Every year, the CCRI is fortunate enough to offer a placement to an undergraduate student. This year is no exception and this week Eleanor Hawketts joined the CCRI team and has been settling in. We asked Eleanor to put a few lines together to introduce herself to CCRI followers.

eleanor hawketts150x200I come to the CCRI, having completed 2 years of my University of Bath course in Politics and International Relations. Clearly my primary interest is politics and a placement at the CCRI allows me to see not just the theoretical perspective that my course provides, but the impact politics and policies can have on real people in the real world.Having studied various modules at university relating to the research the CCRI carry out, such as Research and Design Methods in Politics. European Union Politics is a module I have completed at Bath and this is a big interest of mine. The key role the EU and Common Agricultural Policy has played in my first few days here seems to suggest that I will be genuinely enthused by the issues and topics I will be researching in an internationally-renowned institute.