BA(Hons) (Geography), MSc (Natural Resources Management), PhD (Natural Resources Policy and Planning)

Tel +44 1242 71 4129




John is an institutional economist with expertise in natural resources policy evaluation, commons governance, and environmental valuation. He has worked on water, fisheries, and forest valuation and resource governance issues in the UK, USA, and across Europe.  He has also been involved in a wide range of rural development programme evaluations at UK and EU levels.

Previously he was seconded to Defra as part of the team developing new legislation for common land in England and Wales. John is also a past President of the International Association for the Study of Commons and is currently a member of the Executive Committee for the Ostrom Award (delivered biennially in recognition of practitioners and scholars involved in commons related work).

Current research includes the impact of Covid-19 on economic and social conditions in rural communities in England, and development of techniques for valuing ecosystems services. Projects include the valuation of cultural heritage within an ecosystems service framework in the UK, exploration of the future of commons grazing in Norway, rural strategic development in Malta, and an EU-wide evaluation of the LEADER programme.


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