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Solutions for a Brown Planet (RECARE) World Soil Day 5/12/2017

Caring for the Brown Planet (SoilCare)  World Soil Day, 5/12/2017

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The plots to save our soils, Media Release for RECARE project, World Soil Day 5/12/2016

Professor Janet Dwyer invited to take part in Parliament Brexit conference. 04/11/2016

University of Gloucestershire and Stroud District Council to hold major conference on natural flood management 19/10/2016

University of Gloucestershire researchers supporting poverty alleviation. 17th October 2016

University of Gloucestershire contributes to award winning innovative project tackling flood risk in the Stroud Valleys wins award 05/10/2016

University researchers investigate food labeling 19/05/2016

Gloucestershire researchers to lead international workshop on food security  12/05/2016

University public lecture to look at natural flood prevention 10/02/2016.

Making the most of soil carbon – tools for farmers, advisers and policy makers 05/11/2015

Seeking ways to manage global commons will be crucial in the fight against climate change 26/06/2015

CCRI helping to protect Britain’s uplands 29/04/2015

European funding won by Gloucestershire researchers 23/04/2015

European Soil Scientists Unite To Tackle Threats to Soil 5/12/2014

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“Towards Hydrocitizenship” –connecting communities through water issues 10/01/2014

Bristol city-region forms part of European Commission food project 04/04/2013

Farmer attitudes to environmental management are shaped by a complex set of factors  25/02/2013

Research illustrates some of the benefits of Local Food – Interim Report of Local Food Evaluation  14/11/2012

Fishermen invited to take part in Cod Recovery Plan survey  10/05/2012

Twenty-five years of rural research celebrated! 04/04/2012

Gloucestershire cat sparks university survey 14/02/2012

Research suggests farmers lack confidence in badger vaccination 23/01/2012