BSocSci (Hons) (Politics), Msc (Ecology and Sociology), PhD (Sociology), APM PFQ

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Matt is a sociologist with research interests in how and why social change takes place around food. He has worked at the CCRI since 2007 and is currently working on a range of projects. For more than a decade Matt has been researching the organic food movement from various perspectives, publishing his findings in a range of books and articles. Alongside this interest he has research interests in the farming family, rural communities, social networks, fishing communities and the changing technologies of food. Matt is the Subject Group Leader for the Economy and Society research cluster.

In December 2017, Matt was nominated to the University of Gloucestershire Academic Board, as one of six Academic representatives on the membership. His term of office on membership of the Board is three years.


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Recent Publications

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(2007) "And the food revolution will be digitized": the promotion of organic food and the subversion of radical intent.’ With Cook, G. and Twiner, A. Paper presented at the XXII European Society for Rural Sociology Congress 20-24 August, at Wageningen, Netherlands.

PhD Supervisor, University of Gloucestershire:

PhD Student: L. Lazzarini “Cooperating in the Interface Planning and governance approaches for improving urban/rural relationships in Italy and England” passed Cum laude - Politecnico di Torino, 2019

Member of the Research and Development Sub-committee of the Advisory Committee on Organic Standards


External Examiner:

2020 - Bsc. Rural Business Management, Royal Agricultural University,

2016 – 2019 Msc. Rural Land and Business Management, Henley Business School, The University of Reading

Selected presentations, media contributions & networking events

BBC TV ‘Countryfile’ – April 2019

Meeting at Highgrove – Future of Rural Housing Summit July 2018

Board Meeting – Abel and Cole – London September 2016

BBC Radio Gloucestershire, Food Safety Contribution, May 2016

Organic 3.0 – Paper presenter and discussant, The University of Warwick, May 2016

Meeting at Highgrove – Future Agricultural Research – September 2015

‘BBC Farming Today’, Urban Farming Contribution, January 2015

Sustainable Food Trust– The Future of Livestock Farming – January 2015

Sustainable Food Trust/HRH Charles ‘The True Cost of Food Conference’, – London December 2013

The Royal Society ‘Sustainable Intensification’ – Chair and Introductory Speaker – April 2013

Other Activities 

Peer reviewer for Sociologia Ruralis, Political Studies, The European Journal of Planning and the Environment, Geography Compass, Marine Policy, The Journal of Rural Studies, Sustainability, The Journal of Regional Studies, Land Use Policy and Geoforum.

Book proposal reviewer for CAB international and the Polity Pres

(Online resource) Reed, M. (2010) ‘Organics’ Green Business: An A-to-Z Guide, Sage Green Society Reference Series eds. Robbins, P.  Available online.

(Online resource) Reed, M (2010) Certified Products (as in Fair Trade or organic).  Green Consumerism: An A-to-Z Guide,  Sage Green Society Reference Series eds. Robbins, P.  Available online.