HND (Rural Resource Management), MPhil (Sociology)

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Chris has extensive expertise in inter and trans-disciplinary research across the land and water-based sectors (agriculture, forestry, nature conservation and amenity.  In particular he is interested in the role of their constituent communities in key collective meeting the current challenges such as biodiversity decline, meteorological risk and climate change. He is active in the development and implementation of new rural development and agri-environment policy, as well as the nature of partnerships and knowledge exchange that these require. He has considerable expertise in issues relating to landscape scale initiatives, shared resources, collective action and common land across Europe. He is Co-investigator on the NERC funded LANDWSIE project assessing the role of natural flood management in lowland agricultural projects based at the University of Reading.  Other projects include: (WILD) evaluating the benefits of an integrated approach to land and water management; (FUTGRAZE and GOVOUT) the governance and management of common land in Norway and the UK;  and the development monitoring and evaluation of agri-environment schemes (Defra/Natural England M&E framework).

Chris teaches on the Geography BA/BSc course and the Applied Ecology MSc programme, as well as the new Catalyst funded programmes at the Royal Agricultural University. He is Chair of the Upper Thames Catchment Partnership and the Foundation for Common Land and a Board member of the Gloucestershire Local Nature Partnership. He is also a member of an expert panel advising Defra on the contribution of social science to policy development and implementation.

Recent Publications

Dwyer J, Short C, Berriet-solliec M, Déprés C, Lataste F-G, Hart H, Prazan J (2020) Fostering resilient agro-food futures through a social-ecological systems framework: Public–private partnerships for delivering ecosystem services in Europe, Ecosystem Services, 45.

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Co-Chair of the 12th Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Study of the Commons, Governing Shared Resources, attracting over 500 delegates from 71 different countries.  Overall responsibility and local operations including securing sponsorship from International Development Research Canada, Ernest Cook Trust, Christensen Fund, Food Foundation and contributions from Natural England, Defra and the Forestry Commission. Budget of £450,000

Convenor of the National Seminar for the National and Regional Common Land and Village Green Working Groups of which I am the Chair 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2010.  In total attracting over 1,500 delegates and sponsorship from Countryside Agency, Countryside Council for Wales, Defra and Natural England.

(2011) Convened and chaired a session on Adaptive Management and Commons in the 13th Global Conference of the International Association for the Study of the Commons.  Presentations were given from delegates in Austria, Denmark, Japan and the Cape Verde Islands.

(2011) Drainage, Biodiversity and a landscape solution: reviewing a UK delivery model, Presentation at the 13th Global Conference of the International Association for the Study of the Commons, Hyderabad, India.

(2011) Policy Discussion on Commons: lessons from recent policy experiences in the UK and Europe, interactive workshop within the 13th Global Conference of the International Association for the Study of the Commons.

Short C. (ed) (2011) Proceedings of the Eighth National Seminar on Common Land and Village Greens, Countryside and Community Research Institute, Cheltenham.

(2011) 'Beyond agri-environment: a new approach to ecosystem services delivery in Exmoor', presentation within a plenary session ‘Delivering sustainable land management in the future: focusing upon ecosystem services and landscape-scale effects’ in the Annual Agricultural Economics Society Conference, Warwick 18-20 April 2011, co-authored with Janet Dwyer.

(2011) Inspiring and Enabling Local Communities: a delivery model for localism and the environment, presentation to the Rural Economy Policy Advisory Group (REPAG) for Gloucestershire, with Jenny Phelps of FWAG.

Mills, Jane and Gibbon, David and Ingram, Julie and Reed, Matthew J and Short, Christopher J and Dwyer, Janet C (2010) Collective Action for Effective Environmental Management and Social Learning in Wales. In: 9th European IFSA Symposium,, 4‐7 July 2010, Vienna (Austria).

(2010) Member of a Knowledge Transfer field trip to Northern Spain concerning Common Land across Europe and its management and governance 16-20 May

(2010) What do we mean by Ecosystem Services?, presentation as part of a workshop to Members of the Exmoor National Park Authority Board, November 2010.

Short, C. (2010) Land and its Uses. Webinar presentation as part of the CCRI Rural Policy Conference: Conflict or Consensus? The Next Decade of Rural Policy. Cheltenham, September.

(2010) Opening Spaces through Re-invention of Restoration: Approaching commons through new conceptualisations of places and landscapes and environmental management, 'The End of Tradition? Aspects of Commons and Cultural Severance in the Landscape', Sheffield Hallam University on 15 - 17 September, co-authored with Dr Owain Jones.

(2009) 'Jewel in the crown or stone in the shoe?' A review of the relationship between common land and agri-environment schemes in England and Wales. Presentation to the Contested Commons Symposium, University of Newcastle September 10-12

(2009) Estimating the non-market benefits of environmental stewardship, Facilitating Three workshops in Cheltenham, Penrith and Peterborough as part of a project funded by Defra.

(2008) Social contribution of land-based industries to rural communities. Presentation to the Rural Economy Department at the University of Alberta, Canada. October.

(2008) Assessing the connections between academics' experiences of 'research' and 'teaching': investigating disciplinary and institutional variations. Presentation to the International Society for the Study of Teaching and Learning, Edmonton, Canada, 17-19 October, with Healey, M. (DNSS, University of Gloucestershire).

(2008) Co-Chair of the 12th International Association for the Study of the  Commons (IASC) conference, 5 day conference for 500 delegates from 70 different  countries. July.

Short C. (ed) (2008) Proceedings of the Seventh National  Seminar on Common Land and Village Greens, Countryside and Community  Research Institute, Cheltenham.

(2008) Exploring the Interactions between land-based industries and communities in rural England Presentation and the 'Rural Futures' conference organised jointly by the Rural Futures Unit at University of Plymouth in April.

(2008) Participatory research methods and rural studies in "Towards transformative knowledges/practices for sustainable rural futures" session (Rural Geography Research Group) RGS-IBG Annual Conference 27-29 August. With Ingram J., Jones, O. & Reed, M

Short C. (ed) (2007) Proceedings of the Sixth National Seminar on Common  Land and Village Greens Countryside and Community Research Institute,  Cheltenham.

(2006) Ring in the new: multifunctional approaches to common land  management in England and Wales. Presentation to the IASCP Europe Regional  Meeting, Brescia, Italy University of Brescia.

(2006) Managing Commons with no Traditional Function: balancing multiple  land uses on common property resources in lowland England. Presentation to  the IASCP International Conference, Bali, Indonesia, Centre for Agarian Studies.

Project Board for HEFCE Catalyst funded project ‘Building a sustainable future for land management and food production post-Brexit’ and developing 2 masters and 2 undergraduate programmes

NS6301 Global Futures (University of Gloucestershire)

NS7903 Applied Ecology and Conservation (University of Gloucestershire)

(2012 - 2017)  External Examiner, Birmingham City University for 2 PGT courses, Environmental Sustainability and Environmental Planning

(2006) University Teaching Fellow, notably for work on linking teaching and  research

(2007) Led submission on Research in Teaching (RiT) developments as part of  the University of Gloucestershire's strategic development in Learning and  Teaching.

(2007 -   )                 Member of Defra National Stakeholder Group on Common Land

(2009 - 2011)           External advisor to Welsh Assembly Government on the development of the Glastir agri-environment scheme in relation to commons.

(2011 - 2013)           Member of Defra working group Basic Payments and Common Land

(2012 - )                   Director and Trustee for Foundation for Common Land

(2012 - )                   Chair of Upper Thames Catchment Partnership

(2013 - )                   Convenor for Environmental Dynamics and Governance Research Priority Area

(2013 - )                   Chair of Defra supported 2 working groups; Basic Payments and Common Land & Countryside Stewardship and Common land

(2013 - )                   Chairman of Foundation for Common Land (NGO charity)

(2014 - )                   Board Member Gloucestershire Local Nature Partnership

(2016)                      Evaluator for applications to the Ostrom Award

Chair of the Strawberry Banks and Three Groves Wood Reserve Management Committee, Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.

2000 Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society/Institute of British Geographers

2001 Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

2006 Member of the International Society for the Study of the Commons

Chair of the Strawberry Banks Nature reserve Management Committee

Expert Member of Defra/Natural England ‘Social science evidence for improving agri-environment outcomes’

(2015) Natural Flood Management in the Stroud Valleys, (Video) for Stroud District Council £8,000 (CCRI Lead)