Wine shop by Matt PourneyIn 2014, the CCRI conducted a review of the UK wine market, as part of a wider evaluation of the EU wine sector in order to assess how to improve its current and future competitiveness.

With an analysis of UK market data, policy and literature, the review, which focused solely on still wine, also incorporated face-to-face interviews with stakeholders and gave consideration to characteristics associated with packaged (bottled) wine and wine imported in bulk for bottling in the UK.

The review covered three broad areas:

  1. UK Market Overview – key market data and trends related to wine importation, expenditure and consumption.
  2. UK Market Operations and Characteristics – details of the key players and trading relationships within the UK wine sector; market and policy developments.
  3. Factors Affecting the Competitiveness of Wines – perceptions of EU and New World Country (NWC) wines within the UK; what is important to consumers, and future considerations.

A summary of the findings of the UK case study can be downloaded here – Download

More information, including the full study, can be downloaded from the European Commission website.

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