Welcome to the Changing Treescapes Audio Walks

Hello, how is your day going? Thank you for your interest in the Changing Treescapes Research project, we are excited to discover what you feel about trees and greenspaces!

Below are a collection of audio walks encouraging you to take yourself to your nearest or favourite tree space with your phone. Somewhere you regularly pass by maybe or perhaps a place you haven’t been in a while. Whilst you listen you can also collect information for us to better understand how you enjoy time in spaces with trees and what you want for your green space in the future.

Listen to this introduction to the Changing Treescapes Project and how to use the Audio Walks

Artists Emily Warner and Anna Horton Cremin have created some gentle activities to do in and around this outdoor space. They will guide you through some fun, mindful and creative explorations. 

The audio walks are free and for anyone to listen to and take part in

We encourage you to send us messages, pictures and recordings of your walk via WhatsApp.  Your thoughts will contribute to the Changing Treescapes Research Project. You can find more information on collecting evidence and taking part in the research project here, but the audio recordings will let you know when and what to send.

Message us via WhatsApp on 07510 027033 to start collecting evidence for Changing Treescapes

The Walks

Please listen to any of the recordings and take part in as many as you like.  We have suggested some playlists based on who might enjoy them or what they might be used for, but they all fit together as a creative way to explore green space.

Listen to the audio walks below:

Forming Symbols Audio Walks

Collecting Wisdom Audio Walks

Guided Appreciation Audio Walks

Collecting evidence with WhatsApp

The WhatsApp messages you send us will be collected as evidence of what people feel about green spaces and places with trees, and how they feel when they are there.  We will look at that evidence and share it with people who make decisions about these kinds of places, so it’s a chance to make your opinions count. 

When you send us something on WhatsApp, Changing Treescapes might message asking you more about it and it is up to you whether you tell us more or not.  

You can see what other people have shared with Changing Treescapes via our Instagram Page

If you don’t have Whatsapp you can email thoughts, photos or writing to jblack2@glos.ac.uk or agoodenough@glos.ac.uk – we’d love to hear from you! We will stop picking up messages autumn of 2021.

The research and funders

These audio walks were commissioned through Changing Treescapes, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. 

Changing Treescapes is a research project involving scientists, artists and the public in thinking about how people feel about trees in green places and other spaces

Adapting and sharing the audio walks

Changing Treescapes Audio Walks by The Changing Treescapes Research Project are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.