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Flying down to Lima

On July 1st, the 17th Biennial IASC conference will take place in Lima, Peru. The conference theme is 'In Defense of the Commons: Challenges, Innovation, and Action', and will feature three researchers from CCRI. One of these, John Powell, former president gives some details about their forthcoming trip to South America.

Connecting commons – practice and governance in England and Norway

Chris Short and John Powell from CCRI visited the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks last week for a study tour and workshop to explore similarities and differences in upland commons governance and practice between the two countries as part of the 'FUTGRAZE' project. John has written a short blog about the trip.

Dissemination – How can we increase our impact? (Part one)

Prompted by an interview with Prof. Mark Reed at a recent SoilCare project meeting, CCRI researchers Jasmine Black, Jane Mills and Nick Lewis consider the issue of dissemination of project findings, some thoughts and methods about how that is best achieved.

An OECD Research Fellowship Blog

Julie Ingram has for the last six months been in Australia and Indonesia as part of an OECD Research Fellowship. During this time she has travelled extensively, conducted a number of seminars and has also written a short Blog about her experiences.

Rural Women – Experiences of an Early Career Researcher

Our third and final blog post related to rural women comes from Hannah Chiswell (right). As one of the newest members of the CCRI team, she reflects on becoming a rural geographer and her experiences on the way where she has encountered many inspirational women in rural environments.

Stonehenge – from private to public good

This weekend English Heritage is celebrating 100 years since Stonehenge passed from private to public ownership. John Powell considers the effects of public ownership of heritage sites and the continued need for limiting access.

Rural Women – By the Women of CCRI

Last week on 15th October it was International Rural Women Day and Julie Urquhart provided an overview of her journey into rural academia. This week we will hear from Katarina Kubinakova who will discuss the role of women with regard to rural development and how they are regularly the ones who are key to the success of an initiative or project.

International Rural Women Day – October 15th

October 15th 2018 marks the 10th anniversary of the UN recognised 'International Rural Women's Day. As a research institute that specialises in rural matters, and having women represented at all levels, the CCRI approached a number of the team to discuss their role in rural research. This week we hear from Julie Urquhart.