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On wildflowers

The winter of 2017/18 has been unusually long and cold. As spring finally appears to be establishing itself, John Powell revisits in part, a post he wrote two years ago and further considers how wildflowers can be considered public goods and how recent changes in EU legislation should protect insect pollinators.

Urban agriculture and guilty pleasures in the Czech Republic

For the last five years, Senior Research Fellow Dan Keech has been teaching in Brno on a short course about food and sustainability at the Masaryk University in Brno. This year he was persuaded to write a blog about his experiences about his time over there which always includes some local culinary delights.

Blogging on the Commons

As the most prolific blogger in CCRI, John Powell has set himself the challenge of writing a post per month during 2018. Nick Lewis, John's colleague and office room-mate, wanted to explore the reasons behind this and motivations for his regular outputs.

The real ‘tragedy of the commons’

It is fifty years since Garrett Hardin's paper 'Tragedy of the Commons' was published. In his latest blog post, senior research fellow, John Powell discusses this article, which continues to be cited and used throughout the world, despite the fact that Hardin's conceptual framework is, and always has been, flawed.