MA (Agricultural Sciences), PhD (Agricultural Economics)

Tel +44  1242 715398





Mauro joined the CCRI in 2015. He was previously a researcher at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and at the University of Milan. Mauro is an applied economist, with experience in econometric analysis, survey design and primary data collection.

He has a consolidated experience in working on agricultural policies assessment and food standards, economics of agricultural and food biotechnologies, technologies adoption, food security and agricultural labour. More recently, his research activity concerned agricultural productivity and competitiveness, supply chain arrangements, resilience and risks management and immigrant workforce.

Mauro has been CCRI principal investigator for the Horizon 2020 project SURE-Farm, he is senior economist consultant for the UN FAO and the World Bank supporting policy evaluation in  Caucasian and Middle-East countries and working on demand system estimations in Asian and sub-Saharan African countries. He is also leading a number of projects for the EU Commission and the EU Parliament.

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