Marches Regional Food Hub

The CCRI, alongside our partners, the Gloucestershire Food and Farming Partnership, and number of local authorities and food networks, will be assessing the viability of establishing a Dynamic Food Procurement System in the Marches region. Dynamic Food Procurement is an innovative approach that has the potential to help local enterprises in the region supply a healthy and sustainable public plate.

Work is currently underway to engage with partners and key stakeholders in the Marches to identify their goals for food procurement. The team will be working to explore how a Dynamic Food Procurement System could meet these goals, and the potential opportunities and challenges.

The project will deliver a profile of the Marches food region alongside a set of recommendations and an outline business case. The team also aims to develop tools for future projects in other regions, which will be made available on through the National Innovation Centre for Rural Enterprise’s (NICRE) Innovation Portal.

Funded by Monmouthshire County Council and NICRE, this project, led by Bryonny Goodwin-Hawkins, is taking place over three months from November 2022, and will also involve colleagues Rob Berry and Lucy Barkley.

CCRI REF: 2022-018