The SPRINT project is an EU-funded Horizon 2020 project which started at the beginning of September. CCRI is one of 28 partners involved in this project which will run for 5 years and will make an internationally important contribution to assessing integrated risks and impacts of pesticides on environment and human health.  It will also identify agricultural practices and other changes that will help farmers transition towards relying less on chemical pesticides.

The CCRI team of Jane Mills, Matt Reed and Charlotte Chivers attended the project Kick-off Meeting, which was held online between 12 and 15th October 2020. The meeting was well attended by project partners, with 61-97 attendees at any one time.   Since this meeting the team has been busy helping to raise the awareness of the project by setting up social media accounts (@SprintH2020) producing project leaflets, press releases, a newsletter and a blog about Plant Protection Products: The what, the why and the how.

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SPRINT Kick-off meeting