Theme | Net zero and just transitions

A series of sketches and drawings concerning climate problems and solutions pertaining to the Cotswolds

Cotswold Climathon

The Cotswold Climathon took place at the end of September over two days at the Royal Agriculture University.
A woman and child walking in woods. The woman is hugging the child

Expanding the Horizons of UK Treescapes

Following the unveiling of the first four projects funded under the third and final funding call of UK Treescapes, an additional fifth project has been welcomed into the fold.
Silhouette of four trees at sunset

The Fantastic Four

Four new knowledge exchange projects receive a share of £500,000 to boost the impact of the Future of UK Treescapes Programme.
A microphone in a field

Matt Reed and Pippa Simmonds record Podcast

CCRI Director Matt Reed and PhD student Pippa Simmonds have recently recorded a Podcast for the 'People Place and Nature Podcast' entitled 'Farming, Sustainability, and the Food Cycle'.
RUSTIK Project logo with a rural building in the background

RUSTIK project kicks-off in Barcelona

Last week, Bryonny Goodwin-Hawkins, Janet Dwyer, Katarina Kubinakova and Aimee Morse travelled to Barcelona for the RUSTIK project’s Living Labs kick-off event.
Wind Turbine and Cranes

CCRI involvement in NICRE research projects

Professors Damian Maye and Julie Ingram will be involved in one of seven new research projects examining how rural enterprises are adapting to the major challenges facing the economy.