Net zero & just transitions

Research focused on the UK's net zero goals.

Mitigating and adapting to climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity today, and requires change across all sectors including energy, transport, industry, buildings, land use and agriculture if we are to meet net zero carbon emission targets by 2050. The transition to a climate-smart future will require efforts that span politics, business, economies, society, culture and individuals. But it is also important that any transitions are just and that the costs for dealing with climate change are shared equally between nations and socio-economic groups within society and across generations.

Within this cross-cutting theme, much of the CCRI’s work focuses on the UK’s net zero goals, particularly in the context of agriculture and other land uses, including the role of afforestation and tree planting for meeting net zero.


  • GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality
  • GOAL 13: Climate Action

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