The Countryside and Community Research Institute (CCRI) is a collaboration between the University of Gloucestershire, the Royal Agricultural University and Hartpury College for the purposes of research, education and knowledge exchange. The CCRI is one of the largest specialist rural research centre in the UK, working at the interface of agriculture, society and the environment on issues relevant to rural and urban development, in the UK, Europe and further afield. Working with colleagues and partners in the physical as well as social sciences the CCRI has placed itself at the centre of a nexus of mutual exchange. These exchanges range from soil science, sustainable agriculture, through to the culture of food, and the limits of the food system.

Our principal research interests are manifested in a rigorous, dynamic and inclusive approach to deepening our shared understanding of rural life. As we prepare for the policy, technological and environmental challenges before us, we look to work with those engaged in agriculture, food and environmental management as well as rural communities.

In addition to extensive research in the agricultural sector, our recent research has also considered the role of cities in the future of agricultural food production and has highlighted changes in the conceptualisation of the rural-urban continuum. Emerging technologies such as renewable energies and ubiquitous broadband access are reshaping rural areas; our research is at the forefront of these topics. We have woven novel approaches to management, notably through the commons and participatory approaches, into our on-going commitment to investigating our shared resources.

The CCRI has benefited from considerable research investments from the EU through the H2020 programme, UK national agencies and departments, as well as third sector bodies and other change agents. Through our dedicated team of researchers and professionals, we are always looking to further our insights into rural life and the changes these are bringing to all of us.

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Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the CCRI is:

“The CCRI will conduct and publish world-class, agenda-setting research to influence policy actors, practitioners and decision makers at all levels, from local to global, and provide a strong evidence base to enable sustainability and resilience.”

Advisory Board

The CCRI is guided by an Advisory Board.

As an active and externally-focused Institute, the CCRI’s staff recognise the importance of ensuring that its work is both relevant and forward-looking, as well as being widely disseminated among research and practitioner communities. As such, we believe it is essential for CCRI to have an Advisory Board to help guide and inform our future strategy, as well as to support our effective operation. The Board has a membership which combines our formal HEI strategic leadership with the insights of other key collaborative partners in HEI, as well as a range of respected and authoritative figures from contrasting but relevant rural ‘communities of practice’.  The Board thereby helps to ensure that CCRI’s work continues to be relevant, is recognised and adding maximum value to the identification, analysis and resolution of rural issues in policy and practice; and that the CCRI is institutionally resilient.

See Advisory Board members.

Institute Information

The Institute uses corporate service functions (e.g. financial, legal, etc.) of the collaborating institutions as applicable to the employment of staff and the institution of the lead researcher for projects.
The University of Gloucestershire is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales. Registered number 06023243.
Registered office: The Park, Cheltenham, GL50 2RH.
VAT number: 886143987

Hartpury College is a Statutory Further Education Corporation and was established by the 1992 Further and Higher Education Act.

The institutions are exempt charities by statute.

All copyright relating to the CCRI name, logo and other identifying features is owned by the University of Gloucestershire.

Customer Focus

The Countryside and Community Research Institute aims to treat all those it is in contact with professionally and courteously, and to carry out its research diligently and effectively.

We will always strive to ensure that effective means of communication are open to our customers, and that customer requests and enquiries are dealt with in a speedy and efficient manner. Where we are unable to provide a full response straight away, we will always acknowledge your enquiry.

We welcome your feedback, whether as a complaint or as a commendation, to find out how you feel about the work we do and will use this information to improve how the Institute works. This helps us to understand your needs and cater for your requirements in the best way possible.

All comments or complaints should be directed to the Institute’s Business Manager at the details given in the contacts section and in the case of complaints, an initial response will be provided within 10 working days.