We conduct internationally significant, rigorous and high quality research. Find out more about our research clusters, themes, projects, quality and publications.

The CCRI undertakes much of its work in the form of grant and contract funded research projects. This work is organised into four subject-orientated research clusters, and four cross-cutting themes.

Research clusters

The CCRI’s research is organised around four main research clusters. View more information about our research clusters and projects below.

Culture, Nature and Heritage

Land, Water and Ocean Environments 

Sustainable Farming and Food

Rural-Urban Economies and Societies 

Research themes

Across these clusters are four cross-cutting themes. View more information about our research themes and projects below.

Research quality

The CCRI has entered the UK Government’s assessments of research, the Research Excellence Framework and its predecessor, the Research Assessment Exercise, under the Architecture, Built Environment and Planning Unit of Assessment.

In the most recent exercise, REF 2021, over 85% of the CCRI’s research was judged as internationally significant, rigorous, and high ​quality.

Impact case studies are a part of the REF submission and demonstrate the value to society of the research being carried out.

Research quality

Research projects

The CCRI is currently working on the following projects funded by the EU research programmes, UK Government and others:

  • Cotswold Climathon

    Cotswold Climathon

    The Cotswold Climathon took place at the end of September over two days at the Royal Agriculture University.

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  • Expanding the Horizons of UK Treescapes

    Expanding the Horizons of UK Treescapes

    Following the unveiling of the first four projects funded under the third and final funding call of UK Treescapes, an additional fifth project has been welcomed into the fold.

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  • New project exploring sounds of nature on wellbeing

    New project exploring sounds of nature on wellbeing

    Dr Alice Goodenough is part of a new project undertaking innovative research exploring whether the sounds of nature can influence the mental health and wellbeing of people in care homes.

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Publications such as briefings, annual reviews and research can be found on the University of Gloucestershire’s research repository.


CCRI members have had their work published in a range of books. You can view, download and purchase these publications via the University of Gloucestershire’s online shop platform.

Countryside and Community Press

The Countryside and Community Press is the publishing imprint of the Countryside and Community Research Institute (formerly known as the Countryside and Community Research Unit) at the University of Gloucestershire.

The Countryside and Community Press publish works prepared by the CCRI, or on behalf of colleagues and collaborative partners where synergies occur.