Developing a methodology towards measuring Gloucester’s Pride of Place

Many stakeholders monitor the effects of culture-based investment in cities. In Gloucester (which is a levelling-up priority city), this may include research into quantifiable and tangible questions about who visits the city and why, how much do they spend on cultural events, and do they come back. These event-based data are useful to inform further cultural investment. But they don’t say much about subjective and intangible perception of place among Gloucester’s citizens.  

Funded by Arts Council England (South West), this project seeks to bring key cultural stakeholders in Gloucester together to co-design a broad framework for measuring pride of place over longer periods of time. This will be done, in the main, through the delivery of three workshop events: 

Event 1: Where are we now 

Event 2: Learning from elsewhere 

Event 3: Co-design 

We aim for the methods and results of this work to be adaptable by other cities in due course.  

Taking place from November 2022 to April 2023, Dan Keech (CCRI) and Adam Sheppard (School of Arts and Design) will lead this project, working particularly closely with the Arts Council itself, Gloucester City Council, Reef Group and Kier Group.